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There is nothing incorrect or false about these Bible stories recorded in both the New and Old Testaments, only that those Ages are gone and are over with.

Gemstones for Each Zodiac Sign

As seen in the current U. Those who return to these old gods and religions of ancient days in any form whatsoever shall separate themselves from the cosmic rays and energies of the present Age and for that reason shall eventually die out or fail. One must live within the symbols, myths and requirements of the current Age that one is in and to do otherwise is to commit cosmic social suicide. When an Age changes as it does every years, one must change with the Age or be left behind.

However, in the Age of Pisces that started in full force at 1 AD and continues with less strength in AD, the illusion of myth carried more power than reality due to the planets Neptune and Jupiter that rule that sign. It is that Neptunian illusion of extreme cosmic idealism magnified by beneficial aspects of Jupiter that like the planet Neptune is outside of the vision and scope of human stamina and capabilities that will be smashed by the cosmic rays of Uranus in the Age of Enlightenment in Aquarius to create universal brotherhood and common bond, peace on Earth to mankind, that will be based on a grounded sense of reality and purpose that was not available or achieved in prior world Ages.

For this reason, the Age of Aquarius is a time of great psychological and spiritual transformation. This New Age requires that we actualize and individuate in line with the Jungian concept of the word. It is a time of doing and not of speaking or making a scene. In the 21st Century, we have left the dock of the shores of the Age of Pisces far behind in our individual experiences and collective memories to single-handedly and collectively venture out to sea in discovery of a new and brighter tomorrow.

By the year , we will be experiencing the full and extreme expression of the Age of Aquarius, very much like a Big Bang, as it was at the turn of the last Age around the time of Christ at about 1 AD. The applying aspect on a degree is always stronger than separating aspects. This is perhaps because we are being transformed into the New Age, throwing off the old Age and taking on the mantle of the New Age. Applying onto an Age would therefore be a more stressful time, since it involves change, one that many will want to resist preferring instead to cling to the consciousness and out molded practices of the Old Age, which always get carried into the New Age and even beyond, but always to a lesser degree and with less meaning and emphasis.

Senator Barack Obama becomes a great symbol for the Aquarian Age because he has Aquarius Rising in his natal chart at 18 degrees and Uranus in Leo at 25 degrees on his Descendant as shown on the astrological chart below. This qualifies Barack Obama to become a symbol of that Aquarian and uniquely American ideal of inner and spiritual change and transformation that motivates mankind towards right human relations as opposed to wrong human relations.

And as with the sign of Aquarius, to achieve that success Barack Obama must honor right human relations over wrong human relations in every turn and at every event, which his campaign has stressed and managed to instill in others, that has served to successfully inspire millions from every walk of life from the very beginning.

According to the FBI These are the Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

But unlike others, the stars are on his side helping him to achieve this great cosmic work and result that he by himself on his own terms or through his own initiative or imagination and knowledge would not be able to achieve by himself today! With Pluto entering Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac on November 26, at PM GMT , we should expect much changes and transformation in political and religious organizational structures that would do away with the out molded ways of doing business that were common and acceptable in the Age of Pisces, i.

Simple is simply better!

Uncut Astrology Weekly Horoscope: Apr 6-12 2016 New Moon in Aries, Sun Conjunct Uranus

They involve self expression and definition, one that will be expansive and expressive of love seeking improved human relations, they will be deeply transformative of structures replacing the old way of doing business with ones that seek to express Self on a more solid basis and foundation. These global changes will involve inner conflicts and struggles that will not be apparent on the world scene. They will create some depression and even suppression at times where communication and truth will be restricted or restrictive primarily by others whose aim is to serve a higher calling or purpose usually one of religious philosophy or idealism.

Higher education will receive strong emphasis during this period as well. Almost everyone will be required or feel compelled or impelled to raise their standard of living, consciousness, knowledge and learning in the world today. This will not come through formal degrees or education. In fact, there will be an Aquarian de-emphasis on higher education and degrees as well as formal knowledge as this will prove to be an inefficient Piscean quality and ideal that lack scope and creativity that will give way to alternative means of learning primarily through fields of brotherhood and sisterhood, the internet and mass communication.

With Pluto in Capricorn, character will rise to take precedence over skills, knowledge, education and networking connections within social or family ties.

People will unite more along common bonds and interests rather than group, race or class. While education and knowledge will be completely transformed and elevated, those that show strong mastery of a subject or field whether formally trained or not will excel regardless of the restrictions or social barriers in place.

People will reach across social and educational lines to identify and select individuals that possess the qualities and skills that they seek more so than was done in the past. If the cap fits, wear it shall be the new motto. Wealth and money will take on a more esoteric rather than exoteric expression. Gone are the days when one will seek or brag about earning millions or even billions.

Money will be seen in terms of what it can do for you in furthering a goal or improving Self. It will not take on the mantle power and prestige that was so common during the Age of Pisces. Transformation occurring in the stock and bond markets in will serve to move us closer to this new definition of value.

People the world over will have a stronger desire and ambition to achieve inner peace and social stability than gaining or securing individual strength through collective security. Western, Arabic, Vedic and Chinese astrology will play a much greater role in the sciences of the New Age. This will come about when science and religions recognize that their contributions to human development and evolution is limited and cannot progress further without giving relevance to the signs of the times that find perfect expression through consciousness based arts and sciences as found in astrology.

Pluto's transit of Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac will continue this work all the way into 19 addressing these same issues on a more universal level and with a cosmic theme that will have strong impact in the tropical regions of the world. Our own method of switching between Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs in our astrological analyses is much very Aquarian in and of itself.

In the New Age, which we are currently in, we are likely to see a greater synthesis between Vedic and Western astrological systems, among others.


By the time we cross over to actually enter the Age, the stage is already set and all the developments would have transpired that would bring the Age into full focus and force. Whether the Age of Aquarius started in , , or will start in , or , we are deeply applying on that Age whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not. Evidence of the start of the Age of Aquarius is all around us to see. The celestial hand of time will not wait for man to declare the start of an Age before it brings into force all the aspects, acts and actions that will be required to transform the global society into the New Age.

Zodiac Birthstones – When it’s All About Believing in Astrology

That very much is our situation today! In this regard, the evidence of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius is everywhere, from our use of super computers, air flight, space travels, global village, rapid developments and improvements in astrology, rains, floods and an out pouring of water and new hydrogen technology everywhere, and much, much more, we can rest assured that we are well on our way into experiencing the cosmic energies of the Age of Aquarius. For example, the recent Supreme Court decision in the United States to allow civil marriages of homosexual couples is further evidence of the dawning of that New Age of Aquarius ushering an Age of enlightenment and universal brotherhood.

In this regard, the Untouchables in India will come to experience real power and opportunity as well. They will be promoted up the social ladder in the Age of Aquarius more so than in any other Age before. This process has already started in Mother India and will continue for years and Centuries to come. In , Alan Oken wrote:. By the time we get to A. No sooner do you enter one Age than you start throwing off the remnants of the old Age that you left behind. With change in an Age comes transformation of consciousness leading to spiritual growth and development.

Already we are seeing this happening all around us with the fall in the stock market reflecting the fall of the symbol of large Piscean corporations and break up of large Piscean nation empires and political processes into smaller more decentralized and independently managed people oriented entities.

So it was when we left the Age of Taurus to enter the Age of Aries the celestial bull had to be traded in for the ram-lamb of Pisces. Pisces was the Age of big imprisoning Neptunian powers and religions: Christianity, Islam and Buddhism to name a few. My name is rose sarah living in USA, My husband left me for a good 3 years now, and i love him so much, i have been looking for a way to get him back since then. Jude a spell caster, who helped me to bring back my husband after 2 weeks. Me and my husband are living happily together today, That man is great, you can contact him via email liberationlovespell gmail.

He always hello, now i call him my father. When he break up with me my heart was filled with pains,sorrow.. Together we will rediscover who you really are, using relevant sections in this book to transform your Natal Astrology Chart into a Crystal Astrology Chart. But first, with a minimum of fuss you can look up your birthday and find out your solar Crystal Element and Crystal Message.

The crystal element associated with your birthday is known as your solar Crystal Element because the crystal energy is linked to the specific degree of the sun when you were born. Your solar Crystal Element promotes personal power, good fortune, karmic direction, and abilities. For example, if your birthday is the 22nd of March then your solar Crystal Element is Orange Aventurine, and the Crystal Message includes jovial and merry emotions, optimism, self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Also, look to the Crystal Elements and Crystal Messages directly before and after your solar Crystal Element and take notice of them — they play a fundamental role in who you are and indicate which crystal energies are available to you. Use the Crystal Message given with your birth date in Crystal Astrology to crystallise your life. You can also visit www. I would like to add that it is by no means necessary to try and obtain your Crystal Elements in their physical form, and that a great deal of benefit can be obtained from looking at a picture or touching a stone in a natural environment or museum.

Some of the elements are difficult to acquire and may require a treasure hunt on your part. As you read on, you may well find that several Crystal Elements resonate with you, and it is my firm belief that the best Crystal Element for you will come to you if you are meant to work with it. The focus in Crystal Astrology is a positive one — look to the energy in each of the Crystal Elements to support you in your personal ascension process. My hope is that you look at various Crystal Elements to see and feel how each is important in your life, and then use them to energise yourself.

Your solar Crystal Element works in powerful harmony with your traditional birthstone. Birthstones are believed to support a positive life, protect from harm, bring good fortune, and aid healing. It is a long-held belief that our birth stone or gem is lucky, and that the power of the gemstone enhances our native talents and attributes, and energises our life.

Birth Chart King William of Orange (Taurus) - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Crystals and other valuable mineral kingdom gifts are used as talismans, amulets and birthstones. Many cultures and religions hold crystals in high regard, utilising them in religious services, garments, crowns, sceptres, orbs, swords, and rings, as personal adornment and to signify and amplify spiritual power. One of the surviving birthstone traditions is attributed to the Hoshen Breastplate, which was written about in the book of Exodus. Along with a great deal of energy and power, the Hoshen Breastplate contained one precious gem for each of the 12 tribes of Israel: ruby, topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, sapphire, emerald, jacinth, agate, amethyst, chrysolite, onyx and jasper.

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Each stone served as an expression of faith and optimism within the spiritual community. There are a variety of birthstone charts linking gemstones with calendar months. All of the various charts differ with tradition, age and culture. The modern birthstone list most commonly referred to is from the American National Association of Jewellers, and was adopted in The Ayurvedic birthstone list is derived from Indian medicine and dates back to BC. Other birthstone lists also exist: traditional birthstone lists from various traditions and customs from the past years; mystical birthstone lists of Tibetan origin that date back over a thousand years; and ancient birthstone lists also dating back over years for Arabic, Hebrew, Hindu and Roman belief systems.

Planetary gemstone lists link particular crystals with planets, indicating that certain gemstones enhance the power of certain planetary influences in your life. Zodiac Birthstones are linked with a zodiac sign instead of being associated with a calendar month. Zodiac Birthstone lists often cite up to five or more gemstones for each star sign and these lists vary. Table 1 is a cumulative list of modern, commonly-accepted zodiac birthstones. Interestingly, there are also planet-metal affinities, that have been known for eons, and were added to after the discovery of the outer planets Table 2.

These metal-planet affinities are used in alchemy, homeopathy, and astrology. In Crystal Astrology, metals are included in the list of Crystal Elements. Just as a traditional birthstone vibrates to a Zodiac Sign, the same is true for metals. Work with metals in your life in the same way you work with Birthstones.