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Which drastically changes these 8 born qualities. Have i felt lucky in my life as am 8 born with 8 born path Yes and No! I have felt at times like luck would come bit it was always short lived. As time passed i kept hoping my whole life that if only that time would come, if only i have that opportunity when i would get it major disappointment would always come after.

Soon after i stopped hoping i was losing more passion. People always spoke about loneliness maybe because they were single or spouse died or something but the solitude you experience just because you are you is something that feels inescapable.

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And then i found you lol!!! Well this Website anyway. Now i have changed my name to a 5 and again i hold on to that tiny hope that maybe i will not be alone forever judged and alienated maybe i can be free of myself. The first thing i am doing everyday is getting a blank piece of paper and pen and signing my new name!!!

This is the most exciting part of my day sad but true. Hmmm…good , also use your new name where ever its possible and dream high, things that you dreamt n wished but didnt get it, will come soon to u. You said to me in a post before that my biggest talent in life was Firmness of nature. I do not understand what that means.

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It means you can withstand any pressure, problems, and obstacles and be firm in your character without losing it. Most 4 borns are atheistic in nature because of their revolutionary idea, but 13 is never an unlucky number. Its a misconception among westerners that 13 is unlucky. In numerology, which number has greater effect on a person- Name number, Life Path number or Birth date Number. Could you give them in their order of importance. Marriage date is good, so dont worry, the best date for 8 borns to marry is 10,1,19 and 28, its falling on 28 and its good.

Why is this? HE who has activated his third eye present between eye brows is said to know past,present and future. He has attained a great spiritual level, its not easy to activate it, and not everybody can do this. Myself Ravi, I was born on 17th October I had an affair, rather den affair i wud say that i luved a gal frm deep of my heart. I still try to get her back. Her DOB is 29th Sept Plz help me.

If you are the first love or relationship for that girl, then i dont think she ll come back again. Her first love is meant to be broken. I dont agree that 4 and 8 should be avoided, the reality is 4 borns gets attracted and adore 8 borns more than any number next comes number 1 and vice versa.

Both 4 and 8 are karmic influential numbers, their idealogies will be similiar in many ways, hence they make a good pair. The reason why many astrologers ask to avoid is due to the spiritual tendency of these two numbers. Hi Saravana, I have never come across such convincing and knowledgeable predictions …that too with solutions.

You are doing a great job. Please continue your noble work. I have a query. Many say that it very inauspicious making us uncomfortable. We have named him Aryan Adithya. As per your posts, I though of making it M. Aryan Aadithya making it 5 , but I have a suggestion from a friend who insists it to be M. Aryann Adithya making it 9. Dont know which to follow. Please help. Hi there.. I have been folowing your posts for a while now. I am an 8 born woman with 8 lifepath. I have been asking everyperson i have been with what date they are born on.

I have noticed that now allot of times i can quess what they are after speaking with them. I have a question. You say in this post that 9 is not compatible with 8 at all. I have found the complete opposite. I find that i get along extremey well with 9 born or lifepath persons and dont get along at all with people of 8 numerology. With 9 i find there is instant attraction and i find the 9 born man finds me challenging and different.

Same way, all men attracted to woman born on 6 or lp 6. But the continuity of relationship for lifelong is what compatibility is all about. Hello Sir, Your sincerity in replying to ppls queries is commendable. I am really glad that you are trying to help ppl. My dob is 8 march , life path 4. I have two questions: 1.

I got married on 21st of june but since december, I am not living with my husband. His dob is 30 august, His name is Kumar Abhinav. I want to know will the legal separation process be smooth? I am on an year long leave from my office since august I want a change in my career field for a more satisfying thing like research and teaching. Please reply and help me in my problem.

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But her name after marriage is Pooja Prabhu. But she doesnt like calling her by that name Her DOB is We lover her very much Now the problem is between us , we dont have a nice understanding. We always fight, quarrel etc. Will we get married? Iam 8born with the 4 lifepath.

Can you please tell me why the relationship with 8 born men are so difficult for me. There are always difficultes in my personal life. Maybe 8 born people cannot build a happy family becasue they are so alike? It is time to decide whether we want to get married. He asked me to move to his home country. It is a big decision for me and I need your advice. Please advice whether it will be a good marriage for both of us? I want to have children. My name Olesja Verbicka , his name Brian Honeycutt, Best regards.

Hi Sir, i was born in Our marriage has been plan to be have it on Is this a good date to get married for both of us.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Is there any reason where born in 8 shouldent get marreid in 8. Please advise, need your urgent feedback on this. These should be avoided. If one gets married on 26th, then it can either do good or bad to 8 born person depending upon the position of saturn in ones chart. Dear Astronlogia, I put the details of both of us in the link you gave me about the marriage report! Can you please let me know whether you got this information and how i can this report! My name is Nagesh Prabhu.