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Horoscope du jour 20 SEPTEMBRE

This is a good time for you to teach or learn in your business environment. Be proud of what you do for others even if you're the only one who notices. Today is a good day to establish more friendly relations with co-workers and several family members. Focus on your neighbours in the evening. The end of the holidays is announced and the return is often accompanied by a small decline in diet and Yoga brings a lot of benefits and, good news, you can do it at home! Youre looking forward to a day of fun and frivolity, but you also have a list of obligations to fulfill.

Unfortunately, you may struggle with finding an easy balance between your social inclinations and your mundane responsibilities.

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Instead of seeing your chores as something you must finish before you relax, shift your thinking and find ways to enjoy yourself no matter what you are doing. Thomas Edison said, I never did a days work in my life.

It was all fun. You are buzzing along in your comfort zone where everything goes just as you imagined. Although you rely heavily on your agendas and schedules, there are times when its wiser to set them aside. A change in the flow of events can be upsetting at first today, but you quickly see that the potential for positive experiences is higher than ever.

Dont let your love of logistics stand in the way of a wonderful day.

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Flexibility is your friend. Libra 23 Sep - 22 Oct Naturally, you want everyone to feel special today, but sometimes playing the role of universal host just adds stress to your life. Fortunately, your inner strategist understands the complexities of different peoples needs. However, youre insistent that they can be brought together to share a common experience in the name of camaraderie. Its helpful to examine your motives as the ringleader of the group. Are your actions aimed at making others happy or are you imposing your idea of happiness on them?

Loosening the reins of control might ease the tension on everyone.

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You cant help but spend time tripping through your personal history today. Nostalgic walks down Memory Lane can be nourishing to your soul, but they also take their toll when you stumble on a recollection that you wish never happened. Retelling stories about old events among friends and family could be healing as long as they dont become a substitute for whats occurring in the present moment. Tom Petty sang, You can look back babe, but its best not to stare.

Your philosophical nature comes across strongly today as you share your dreams. But those who know you well are very familiar with your hopeful stories about your plans for the future. If you are not the regular cook, you may decide that tonight is the night for you to cook a special meal, etc. You make it a point to do little favors or grant special requests.

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You and your family enjoy each others company this evening. Some of you run late as you try to tie up loose ends around the house this morning. It would be of benefit to know that whatever information you hear on the television news can be gathered from the Internet at your workplace.

If a delay is due to getting up late, find ways to create a back-up system. Family members can help you with any changes you might like to make.

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You could feel real support and harmony at this time. A political or civic activity around the home front is on your mind today and a few phone calls can bring several people together for a meeting of what steps are needed. The impromptu meeting will bring new friends to your attention as well as a business contact or two, a good idea. Keep notes on the meeting for future reference.

Breathing fresh air, enjoying your surroundings and having no responsibilities is what you would like to enjoy today.


Think again, you have several days before you can enjoy that kind of day. You make your own way through a few problems today--you are in control. Active and inspired, you are a refreshing influence for others. Once you do become focused, your enthusiasm is contagious. You have a gift for motivating others. Creative projects get underway this evening and with your friends help, you and your friends will be able to pull in some extra income before the next weekend.

Your friends confirm your strengths and fill you with love. When it comes to business and career, you have a mind that just cannot help but take care of business.