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They usually have very clear dreams and will make you feel heard and seen. Like water, they can be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths. They are very nurturing and known to be bleeding hearts. If you need someone to talk to about deep things, they are usually happy to lend an ear. They are very comforting people. Security is important to them—after all, water needs a container, or it dries up and disappears. A single spark can set off a forest fire. As a result, fire signs need to be nurtured and managed carefully.

They often wear their emotions on their sleeve and are dynamic with multiple interests or skills. If you want something done fast, call a fire sign. They are impeccably good at getting things done. Often the earth sign will have a calming energy and you will actually feel down to earth with them around. Now that we have reviewed the 4 elements, continue to follow along with our Zodiac bars to see how the other 8 elements come to life.

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Characteristics of Capricorn man: Goal-driven, hard-working, natural-born leader, serious, skeptical, status-conscious, hard-working, aloof, unforgiving. Characteristics of Virgo woman: Kind, both passive and assertive, analytical, idealistic, hard-working, critical of self and others, unrealistic, devoted, loyal.

The same can be said for intimate relationships, though the bedroom is a different story. While a Virgo woman tends to be shy between the sheets, male goats are extremely sexual both physically and emotionally. Despite this difference, Capricorn men are patient and do anything to make their partner feel more comfortable and adventurous. Neither sign is superficial and arguments are not the norm with this duo, so even if there is a fight, both are willing to come up with a fair resolution.

For more research: Love advice for the Capricorn woman , love advice for the Virgo man , love advice for the Taurus woman , Taurus man in love and relationships. Example couple: Aquarius man and Gemini woman.

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Characteristics of Aquarius man: Outgoing, intellectual, loyal, spontaneous, charismatic, open-minded, quirky, unique guarded, free-spirited. Characteristics of Gemini woman: Intellectual, spontaneous, experimental, unpredictable, self-sufficient, outspoken. The lowdown: Talk about a great match! This also means that your bond is built on friendship. You have many similar qualities, so you compliment one another. On the downside, Gemini women are open to compromising where as Aquarius men are not.

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This can cause a clash and potentially prevent your relationship from growing. While sexy time is not as hot as the two fire signs, both partners are willing to experiment to avoid repetition. For more research: Love advice for the Aquarius woman , Gemini man in love and relationships , love advice for the Libra woman , Libra man in love and relationships. Example couple: Scorpio man and Cancer woman. Characteristics of a Scorpio man: Ambitious, secretive, charming, analytical, driven, loyal, possessive. Characteristics of a Cancer woman: Emotional, caring, complex, empathetic, sensitive, expressive, generous, intuitive.

Zodiac Element Meanings Can Tell You A Lot About Yourself And Your Attractions

The lowdown: Communication is the key to any good relationship, but for this pair, note that it will take some time to be completely on point. In fact, the opposite way of thinking helps you both grow in different ways. On the other hand, because you express yourselves in different ways, this could lead to miscommunication. For more research: Love advice for Scorpio woman and Cancer man in love and relationships , Love advice for the Pisces woman , Pisces man in love and relationships. Example couple: Leo man and Libra woman. Characteristics of a Leo man: Passionate, romantic, charismatic, popular, stubborn, charming, protective.

Characteristics of a Libra woman: Charismatic, indecisive, popular, affectionate, rational, people-pleaser. One thing this duo has going for them is an intense physical and emotional connection. The Libra woman loves to please, which is great for the Leo man who craves compliments and has a tendency to be overly emotional—though he will protect and charm his lover at the same time. Example couple: Capricorn man and Cancer woman. Characteristics of a Capricorn man: Goal-driven, hard-working, natural born leader, serious, skeptical, status-conscious, hard-working, aloof, unforgiving.

The lowdown: Cancer woman tend to seek approval of family before taking a relationship to the next level whereas Capricorn men have their own high expectations of when it comes to finding the perfect mate. Both signs keep their cards close to their vest until they are certain the relationship is deep and true, but intimacy is what really causes the relationship to grow. Cancer women thrive off of this feeling of being strongly loved, which makes her feel even more confident about the relationship.

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Gemini: Man , Woman. Libra: Man , Woman. Aquarius: Man , Woman.

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Capricorn: Man , Woman. Sagittarius: Man , Woman. Taurus: Man , Woman.

Virgo: Man , Woman. Cancer: Man , Woman.

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Scorpio: Man , Woman. Pisces: Man , Woman. Aries: Man , Woman.