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Monthly Horoscopes Neil has written our Monthly Forecasts for many years, off amd on. Currently off. The Puzzle a cry from the heart, concerning the Iraq war, terrorism and the human condition The Runes wisdom of the past Rune Magic a myriad of doors Teenage Love planetary patterns Uranus in Aries disruption in the sign of the Ram Uranus in Pisces revolution in the sign of the seeker. Richard Giles.


A new look at the meaning and origins of the idea. Helen Grant-Johnston. Creative Mandalas the magical power of mandalas. Malini Gupta. Navratri Nine Nights for the Goddess! Ram Navami Indian Festivity of Rama's birthday. Sue Hopper. Monthly Forecasts Moonbeam returns to write our Monthly Horoscopes again!

Saturn's Lessons understanding the ways of Saturn Sex, Death and Rebirth the pleasures and pain of Scorpio Star Quality the joy of Leo, an eternal flame that grows stronger with time. Sandra Ingerman. Kallindo Kal. Stephen Kane. Accepting Now an empowerment for cultivating happiness Beckoning Your Real Relationships beckoning your real relationships through awakening your life energies Being Alive Ronni Lynn.

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Mary MacLean. Saturn Turns Direct in Leo three ways to implement your intentions March Eclipses as Saturn slows, how do they affect you? Marguerite Manning. Della Menechella. Alexandria MoonStar. After all, those few nights each month when the moon is invisible are where the real magic happens. At this time, we naturally withdraw from outward-directed activity and focus our energies within.

Everything falls away but the essential core, which becomes the seed for our creative vision in the next lunar cycle. Find out now! Yes, death and rebirth go hand-in-hand at any new moon—but while some signs are uncomfortable facing this reality, the November new moon in Scorpio looks it straight in the eye.

But with this fixed water sign, what we see is often just the tip of the iceberg. And power is a big deal to Scorpio.

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I honor the Goddess, the Divine Feminine in each of us. I especially honor the Great Mother to those who have had strife, turbulence, lack and pain in their lives.

And the children - of all ages - all over the World,. I honor You, dear Mother. Labels: compassion , consciousness , erin reese , feminine , moon , mother. Today we welcome the New Moon in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, the Bull.

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Sensual, stubborn, headstrong. Committed, earthy, material. These are just a smattering of words that have been used to describe the nature of the Venus-ruled springtime babes. As we birth the merry month of May, we are drawn into celebrating the earth element: our bodies, our sensuality, our abundance and prosperity.

We are also coaxed to remember Mother Earth in new ways. Instead of being swept along by events, you are in a calm frame of mind. It means you can make smart decisions at work and at home. Venus arrives in part of your chart that helps you find simple solutions to a problem and pass tests, including driving. Your deepest strength is an ability to see the bigger picture and help others do the same. Still looking? Someone who has knack for winning cash prizes could be special from the first hello.

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It gives you charm and charisma but also a sense of fairness that ensures bonds are deeply equal, not just on the surface. Passion could be very special, too. You are ready to make a stronger commitment to a team or rejoin a group.

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  5. It will be organised on your terms. You persuade others to share secret feelings and opinions instead of saying what they know other people want to hear. In love, as a relationship gets deeper, you and a partner make bold plans for the future. A former neighbour may be the one you are looking for. No one is out of your love league. Trying out low-tech contact reboots a work bond. Luck smiles where singers perform.

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